European funds

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Purchase of machines and equipment for the AJTEL processing plant.

The investment is co-financed by the European Union from the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund under the Operational Program “Fisheries and the Sea”.

Objective of the operation: Encouraging investment in the processing and trading sector.

Planned effects of the operation: The operation involves the introduction of an innovative process at the plant for the production of new products in the form of fish pâtés in jars, fish pieces in marinade and jars, and fish packed using the SKIN technology.

The operation involves the purchase of equipment for processing fish, lines for filling and closing jars with pâté or pieces of fish in marinade or sauces, and packaging lines using VACUUM and SKIN technology.

The implementation of the operation will contribute to:

– creation of new and improved processes, which will result in the creation of new and improved products,

– increase in the management of by-products resulting from the main activities related to the processing of fish products,

– the operation is carried out, among others, based on domestic aquaculture products, e.g. trout, carp.