New in offer – Soft cod roe

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A traditional delicacy with a special flavour all of its own, popular in Great Britain and USA, unique on Polish market. A seafood taste experience that’s as delicious as it is different. Presented in new packaging design.

Press Information – Ajtel S.J. is starting to expand into world markets
Gdańsk, Poland, 17.11.2015

Ajtel S.J. Waldemar Ajtel & Jarosław Ajtel which specializes in the processing of Baltic fish, cod especially, to ready-made salmon products, white fish, cod roe and seafood, has made an important investment this month regarding its development. By doing this, it has embarked on the road to expand into the world markets.

Ajtel S.J. Waldemar & Jarosław Ajtel, a manufacturing and trading company located in Gdańsk, dealing in fish processing and frozen food for many years, according to a contract signed on 09.11.2015, has bought shares (belonging up till that time to its partner – Skinney – Þinganes hf) in Ajtel Iceland ehf with its seat in Iceland, a company specializing in cod liver processing. It has since become the full shareholder in the Icelandic company. Jarosław Tadeusz Ajtel, Waldemar Ajtel and also Sævar Þór Jónsson have become members of the board. The function of managing director still belongs to Jón Áki Bjarnason.

This step is part of a strategy to build a strong capital group in Poland and in the world, and to expand to new markets. The Ajtel S.J. board doesn’t exclude future takeovers and investments abroad. Thanks to this investment the company has expanded its access to raw material, at the same time greatly increasing its production capabilities, even to a few million cans annually.

Modern can processing lines, frozen product packaging (including chain vacuum pack) and fresh products – MAP, also IFS, BRC, MSC, ASC and Global GAP certificates, which ensure safety and guarantee quality during each step of production, make Ajtel S.J. a serious business partner in the area of private label production for clients in Poland and in the world.
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