About company

The current form of „AJTEL” unlimited originated in 1996. It is a family company based on the picturesque, ecological and forested Sobieszewska Island.

pasta kawiorowaFrom one side the island is washed by the waters of Dead Vistula River and from the other by the Baltic Sea. 500 meters away from the company seat one can enjoy a beautiful view of the „Birds’ Paradise” nature reserve which covers two coastal lakes, „Karaś” and „Ptasi Raj”, and swamps, dunes and hatcheries for 200 types of birds.

Starting in 1996, the company underwent a number of modernizations. Later, in 2003, it was granted a certificate authorizing it to export commodities to EU markets and confirming the efficacy of the newly introduced HACCP system. That system is based on two programs: Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Good Hygienic Practice (GHP), which provide for safe and healthy products delivered to customers, obtained in the course of production processes.

In 2004 our production line was modernized with machines for deboning, beheading and deskinning. The first tunnel for shock freezing was built that year as well. In 2006 another tunnel for shock freezing was built. A new production line for canned food production was started with the use of EU finds, which enabled us to enter new markets.

pasztetrybnyThe company, taking care of its retail clients and wholesale contracting parties, is introducing newer and newer elements of quality management. The proprietor and executive team are highly aware of the importance of supervision, making it possible to avoid many difficult situations.

The company’s core is formed by experienced personnel supervised by a well-trained executive team which has been functioning in the fish industry for many years. The company employs 30 to 70 people, which makes it possible to promptly react to any type of changes in the fish market. Today 90% of our production is sold outside Poland. Aside from western markets, in recent years the absorptive eastern markets have opened up for our company. Therefore, in the near future, we are planning to expand our selection and increase employment.